Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr.

Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr.

Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr, inherited his great sense of compassion for the common tao from his revered parents, the late President Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay of Zambales and Mrs. Luz Magsaysay (nee Banzon) of Bataan.

But more than being the son of the country’s most loved president, he is a self-made man. With President Magsaysay’s sudden death on March 17, 1957, 18-year-old Jun inherited greater responsibilities that enabled him to recognize the value of perseverance and hard work.

“…Those who have less in life should have more in law,” the said grassroots slogan was the hallmark of the Magsaysay administration in the '50s. That same statement Jun Magsaysay put to heart as he believes that to implement genuine public service, it has to be oriented towards bravely fighting for people’s rights to achieve a humane and moral leadership. He has shown interest in pursuing issues that manifest his sense of concern for the greatest number of people and strong belief for moral principles.

He has pushed the Magsaysay crusade for an honest, efficient, responsive and open (HERO) government.

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Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr.

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