To provide services and facilities responsive to and anticipatory of the reference and research requirements of the Members of the Senate, the legislative researchers, as well as the Secretariat officers and employees. This calls for:

            1. the selection, evaluation, acquisition and organization of various information resources, in printed and electronic forms;

            2. the provision of necessary tools for retrieval and delivery of information (e.g. indexes, catalogs, on-line public access catalog (OPAC), accession and shelf-list records);

            3. the rendering of reference and research assistance service;

            4. the dissemination of bibliographies, annotated reading lists and copies of journal articles relevant to legislative concerns or of interest to Members of the Senate and Secretariat officers;

            5. the establishment of linkages and active cooperation with other libraries, government agencies and library organizations;

            6. the maintenance of areas for research and reading purposes;

            7. the continuous updating and building of library collections and periodic inventory, evaluation and weeding to ensure their usefulness to legislative research.