Bill Type
Long Title
An Act creating the Philippine Veterans' Bank, and for other purposes.

Legislative History

S. No. 24 An Act creating the Philippine Veterans' Bank, and for other purposes.
  Introduced by Sen. Almendras and filed on Jan. 30, 1962;
  Submitted to the Senate on February 22, 1962 ;
  Referred to the Committee on Banks, Corporations and Franchises on the same day;
  Returned by said Committee with the Committee Report No. 269, recommending that it be approved without amendment on May 16, 1962;
  Submitted said Report to the Senate on May 17, 1962;
  Amended Com. Report No. 329 was filed on Feb. 28, 1963 and submitted to the Senate on March 1, 1963, recommending that the attached bill be approved without amendment as an amendment by substitution to S. Nos. 24, 259 and 329 with Sens. Almendras, Balao and Marcos as co-authors;
  Passed on second reading by the Senate with amendments on March 28, 1963;
  Printed copies and distributed to the Senators on April 5, 1963;
  Passed on third reading by the Senate on April 16, 1963;
  Sent to the House requesting concurrence on the same day;
  The House having passed a Bill (H. Ho. 4614) similar to this Bill, and owing to discrepancies found in the provisions of the two measures, the Senate asked for a conference on May 7, 1963, having designated as representatives on its part Sens. Osias, Fernandez and Roy;
  The House insisted on its Bill and accepted the conference asked for by the Senate on May 8, 1963, having appointed as conferees at the same on its part Cong. Crisologo, Valdez and Agbayani;
  Conference Report was submitted with the statement that the Conference Committee has reached an agreement on the disagreeing votes of both Houses, and agreed to by the Senate on May 15, 1963;
  The House approved the Report of the Conference Committee on May 14, 1963;
  Enrolled copies of the Bill were sent to the President of the Philippines for his action on May 16, 1963;
  Approved by the President of the Philippines on June 18, 1963;
  (Converted into Republic Act No. 3518).